Find one of our Tracts?

Chances are you found one of our following tracts... -Are You A Bearded Man? -25,500 (The Vapor) -Escaping The Wrath Of An Angry God -Jesus Saved My Life We @ 3 & 20 would be ashamed if we didn't share the wonderful treasure of Christ with all who are around us. Maybe you are already a follower of Christ... A child of the King... Saved by Grace, if so, that's wonderful and we thank you for stopping by. Maybe you are just interested in who we are and what we believe as a body of believers... Or maybe you're searching for a church to call home. What ever the case, we hope that you will join us in prayer that we as the people of God will shine bright in these dark days. But maybe, just maybe you you found one of our tracts and realized that you do in fact need to meet this man called Jesus. Just let me say that you will never meet a man like Jesus... He can mind broken hearts, replace sadness with joy and give peace that passes all understanding. If you feel your need to be forgiven of your sins and to ask Jesus to be your Savior then it is as simple as forsaking your sins and asking Jesus to save you... I promise if you are serious with God... He will be serious with you. If you do accept Jesus as Savior then it is vital to find a good bible preaching fellowship to be a part of. We would love to have you here @ 3 &20... But we realize that every church isn't for every believer. So if you don't come worship with us, please find you a good church to attend faithfully. Thanks for stopping by and let us know if we have helped you in any way. -Pastor Chad

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