Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Praise Report: tract ministry

We wanted to share a blessing with all our visitors. As most of you know, we have a gospel literature ministry here at the church that we use to provide free tracts and books to those who would like them. Recently a tract that was written by a lady in our church entitled "Jesus Saved My Life" was requested by a pastor in Kentucky.

After receiving the tract he passed it on to a gentleman that he had been try to reach for some time, and to the praise and glory of God the man accepted Christ as his personal Saviour after reading the tract one night. Praise God!

Keep in mind that as The Lord provides... these materials are available to you free of charge and can be requested here on this site under the "Free Stuff" tab. You can write or call to request these materials for yourself or to be used in reaching others for the cause of Christ.